Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up - Week 12

Hard to believe we're 1/3 of the way through our school year already!  The checklists have been a huge help for both the kids and I.  We're back on track and getting all of our tasks accomplished.  

In History we learned about Ancient China.  We made our own pictograms and Ming bowls.

Rolling out the clay
Putting clay on the molds
After letting them dry overnight we were able to paint them.
In Math Megan began long division with remainders.  It took a couple days before she really got the hang of it but I'm happy to report she's cruising right along making great progress.  Michael is still working on 2 digit multiplication and basic division and is doing well with both.

In Science we finished up our unit on bones by doing some fun activities.  First we dissected cow bones so we could see the different parts first hand.  Megan insisted she was not touching them and Michael was near tears because it was "so disgusting".  After about 10 mins though they were both digging in and telling me how cool it was.  :)
Checking out the difference between the bone, spongy bone, and bone marrow
Scooping out the marrow
All clean
We also found it hysterically funny to do the "thumbless survival test".  I taped the kids thumbs to their palms and then had them try to do all sorts of things.  
Trying to write our name
Trying to open a pack of sweet tarts
The kids are still taking art class with Ms. Molly and loving it!  This week they made self portraits.  I might be biased but I think they did a fantastic job.  :)

Hope everyone had a great week!  We're really looking forward to Thanksgiving break, one more week to go.  :)


  1. I love Michael's ears in his self portrait!

  2. Ew!!! I think I would have been crying if that plate had been set in front of me, also. :) Glad they ended up enjoying it. Looks like a fun week.

  3. I love how they start not wanting to do things and eventually they are screeching "cool!". Mine do that all the time.

  4. Lol! My dd does the same - complains that something is gross and then is so involved in it! Looks like a good week!

  5. Interactive week! What kind of clay did you use? Where did you get the cow bones?

  6. The bowls look so fun. And the cow bone looks educational and I'm sure my ds would have reacted as yours did. We had a chicken bone in vinegar that we pulled out this week and he stayed well away... at first. Like the collage backgrounds for the portraits.