Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to School Pictures and a Surprise Visit

We decided to take our back to school pictures today, it amazes me how many pictures you have to take of kids to get that one good one!

Imagine our surprise when in the middle of taking pictures up the road comes a galloping horse!!  The man was nice enough to stop and see if the kids wanted to sit on the horse.  Megan jumped at the chance.  :)  He told us all about how traditionally you would get on the horse from the left because during the Revolutionary War you would be carrying a sword and if you climbed on from the other side you would stab the horse.  Funny how we find learning experiences everywhere!  

Megan & George the horse


  1. Amazing that your kids cooperate for those pictures. Around here we practically have to tie them down...and you can forget about getting a good natural smile.

    Kelley C

  2. Hey! I'm visiting from Homeschool Hip Hop! Beautiful children!! I will be back! :)

  3. WOW! How awesome! Hope you have a great year. Following you from the HOP!

  4. Visiting from the Hip Hop Homeschool. Great pictures! How nice about the horse.

  5. Beautiful pics! Just visiting from the HOmeschool Hop. You might already know this, but I just learned that to take great photos I should have the flash turned off almost all the time. It has made a huge difference in the light quality of my pics.



  6. visiting from the hop! Isn't it amazing when spontaneous things happen that are unforgettable! Looks like you had fun!

  7. Your children are beautiful. I found your link on the Hip Homeschool Hop. Keep the faith!